5 People Murdered!

5 Men are killed in front of their families

Kansas-Nebraska Act

The Kansas-Nebraska Act was the time where America wanted to connect the East to the West. In order to do this we needed land to build the railroad, so a man named James Gadsden went and bought land just south of the Rockies. Money was becoming an issue so it was decided that the railroad would run through the north instead of the south. This upset the south, so in order to make them like the idea, Nebraska and Kansas would be turned into slave states. The Missouri Compromise was thrown out so this upset the North. Most of America's new land were to be turned into slave states or were open to it.
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This was America during the Kansas-Nebraska act. The blue representing the free states, the red representing the slave states, the orange representing the open to slavery states and the red-orange representing the closed to slavery states.

John Brown

The person I interviewed was the wife of one of the men that was killed this evening in Pottawatomie. She had stated that it was something that will scar her and her children for life. "John Brown lined up the five men, called out to the town to witness what was about to happen, and then shot each one of them in the head 1 by 1." The reason as to why this massacre happened was because of the issue on slavery. John Brown, being an anti-slavery individual, ambushed this pro-slavery town resulting in the deaths of five innocent men.
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John Brown was the man who committed the murder. This is his picture above.