The Carolina Colony

Biggest and Best

Why come to the Carolina Colony?

The colony of Carolina stretches from Virginia to Florida, and to the Pacific Ocean. This was a more rural colony, not as urban as colonies to the north. The farmers of the Carolina's work hard to provide food for all the people, and the surplus of farms creates a steady economy with plenty of jobs to go around. The people of Carolina are always happy with the great climate and attitude of those around them. Carolina is a Catholic place, but it is sometimes acceptable to practice other ideas. Our southern half is our more successful area, with hundreds of estates run by wealthy men, who were only successful because of the opportunity that our great colony provided. Carolina uses slaves as much as needed, and guarantees a better life through their use. In 1729, Carolina split into North and South, and in 1732, Georgia was created as a buffer between Florida and South Carolina by James Oglethorpe. Carolina has some mountains in its western side, but is mostly just hilly, with a lot of soft sand along the coast. The coast is also where we export and import our products to whoever wants to get involved. The Carolina Colony was named by the French, then taken over by King Charles, who left a group of men, including Lord Clarendon, Sir William Berkley, Sir George Carteret, and four others govern and settle it. One important event in the history of the Carolinas was when the people rebelled against the order of the King and made James Moore the official governor, in 1719. This colony has a huge influence on the rest of the colonies and even the government of England, with its great people and economy boosting success for all its years.