RILINK Schools LibGuides Newsletter

Winter 2021

Summer Maintenance of System

Please read through the cleanup and system changes that will be implemented over the summer. Contact Sharon if you have any questions.

Unused/Orphaned/Archived Guides

Guides no longer in use will be deleted from the system over the summer. Archived sites will be included in this list as well as ones left unclaimed when librarians have left or have been reassigned.

Sites that were left without an owner (librarian) this year will be archived for one year if a new librarian is not in place in the fall of 2021. This will "deactivate" sites that are no longer being updated and avoid incorrect information from being shared.

A list of sites will be provided in the Spring Newsletter. Please contact Sharon with questions.

CSS Changes

CSS will be added over the summer at the System Level to increase the font size 16 of the text connected to names of Links and Documents added using those two Content Types. This will improve accessibility.

Learn more about accessibility at .

Assets Cleanup

All Content Types with the exception of Rich Text are stored in Assets. When content is deleted from a page on a guide, the Content Type remains in Assets.

Again over the summer, unmapped Assets will be removed. If you are curious about how many you have, check out "Managing Assets" at

LibGuides & LibWizard Tips



Surveys, Quizzes, and Tutorials/Assessments have three new multiple choice options:
  • Grid
  • Ranking
  • Image Choice

Folders can now be created to organize all four options.

Have no clue what LibWizard is? Check the recording from the November 16 Introduction to LibWizard . Watch for the session on using Tutorials/Assessments tool for asynchronous learning on May 17.