All About Me

By: Devon Doroshenko

Both Of My Arms Were Cut Open!

When I was 9 or 10 I went to stay at my friends house and my mom went to a wedding and I was being babysitted. After that we were playing on the play set and I went on the seesaw swing, and then I jumped off. When that happened my arms got caught on the loose screws and the one was cut to the artiray and the other was a smaller cut it didn't go that far down.

I Love Video Games!

When I was three I had a V Cube and after that I fell in love with video games. Then after that I got a ps2 slim. when I turned eleven and got an Xbox 360 and started playing online with friends.

Movies Are The Best!

When I was about nine me and my dad went to see all these action movies and scary movies. Me and my dad get our choices. And still to this day we still go to movies every week!

My Schools!

When I was three to four years old I went to preschool at just children. Then I went to School Lane Charter School from kindergarten-third grade and then went to Valley from fourth to fifth grade. Then I'm went to Snyder Middle School.

My Family!

When I was 8 I learned that my Great Grandpa fought in world war 2. After that I also learned my Grandpa was in the Navy! My Great Grandpa is dead now but he is a hero!