Come to ElephantWorld to see the impossible!

Come join us in the world of imagination!

Come join the world that thinks the impossible can happen. Everything that is made in ElephantWorld is from our, humans, imaginations. Also our technology is way more advanced than our archenemy's, Earth's technology.....not to brag or anything:) Did I forget to mention that we support elephants and other safari animals too.......that is also a law!

Creation of ElephantWorld!

After a lot of hours trying to get things perfect, I finally found a star and a planet that could support life. That planet came to be known as ElephantWorld which we live on today! It has an orbit of 68.9111 au. and orbits a blue star. The planet's mass is 11.119, which is bigger than Earth's orbit. On the planet there is volcanoes, plate movement, liquid water, and producers.

Our planet's axial tilt.

ElephantWorld's axial tilt is very similar to Earth's tilt, which will make the seasons similar as well. The only difference is that winters are snowier and the summers aren't as harsh as they can be on Earth.

Ceres, our only moon.

Our moon is actually the smallest dwarf planet in the solar system and Ceres' orbit is similar to Earth's moon's orbit. Our moon's impact on tides is weaker overall because it is a much smaller moon. This means that Ceres isn't as strong on tides as earth's moon would be.

Planet Mass and Gravity

ElephantWorld's mass is 11.119., which means that its gravity is just perfect. The gravity's force is enough to keep Ceres in its orbit and let ElephantWorld keep an atmosphere.