The Element Inside Our Bodies

Calcium Properties

Physical Properties

Atomic Mass - 40.078

Atomic Radius in PM - 197

Density - 1.54g/cm3

Melting Point - 840C

Boiling Point - 1484C

At Room Temperature, Calcium is a solid.

Calcium alone appears gray.

Conductivity - Excellent conductor

Malleablity - Crusty, Chalky.

The metal itself is soft.

Chemical Properties - Burns Red Flames

Reacts with oxygen to create redflames when burnt

Reacts with water to produce hydrogen gas.

Fun Fact!

Since Calcium burns red flames, if you were to burn a human body, it would flame red.

Origins of Calcium

The pure form of calcium was found in 1808 by Sir Humphrey Davy. Other scientists were trying to get the form, but Sir Humphrey Davy did electrolysis with lime and carbon that created the calcium. The name calcium came from the latin word of lime, which was calx, since lime made the pure form.