News from the Superintendent

Barnegat Township School District Quarterly Newlsetter

School Breakfast Program

Did you know that each of our schools offer breakfast in the morning? These services range from "grab-and-go" style breakfasts (that have minimal impact on instructional time) as well as dining in a school cafeteria.

Most people know that breakfast is the "most important meal of the day" but eating breakfast every day also assists in proper brain function, contributes to appropriate levels of energy, and improves productivity at school.

Principals from each of our six schools will be providing additional information on the breakfast program each school utilizes. If you have suggestions on how to improve your child's school breakfast program, please reach out to the building Principal who can best implement necessary changes.

Volunteer Opportunities Welcome for Student and Families

On December 7th at the Barnegat Recreation Center, The Hearts of Mercy Organization can use your assistance. If you would like to make a food donation (or help in another way), please click the link above.

Volunteerism is a great way to give back to your community! If you chose to assist, tell your teacher or Principal. We want to celebrate your dedication and volunteerism in our community!

Parent Teacher Conferences are Here!

Parents as Partners

Each year we begin the school year with the goal of fostering good relationships and improving communication between school and home. I was pleased to see an overwhelming number of parents/guardians participate at our back to school nights in September. Parent/teacher conferences should be no different.

This year the Barnegat Township School District staff will be reaching out to schedule parent teacher conferences to any parent who wishes to discuss their child's progress. However this year, teachers are required to contact parents whose child or children have a "C" average or lower. It is very important that teachers and parents have regular, ongoing conversations about student growth and progress. A growing body of evidence demonstrates that family engagement matters for student success. It is our desire to see improved student achievement. Eliciting conversations with parents as partners is an important district initiative for teachers and administrators.

Barnegat Township School District

The Barnegat Township School District is working on several important goals this year. A continued focus, however is communication with parents and community members. In addition to our webpage, Facebook page, Twitter pages, and use of our school notification system, I will publish a quarterly newsletter. Other departments will rotate the publication of newsletters as well. If you have additional suggestions, please let us know.