Mrs. Weber's 4th Grade Class

Mrs. Weber Room 23-


ELA- Students worked on questioning as they read. We read a nonfiction text, Animal Senses, and questioned how animals see and hear. We also took a reading assessment on Thursday, so be looking for that to come home in the data binder next week.
Writing- Students worked on writing their final copy of their realistic fiction piece of writing. They were given the choice to either write or type it. They LOVED having the opportunity to type their writing!
Math- This week we continued to work on adding and subtracting up to 4 digit numbers. Our test was today, so please be looking for that assessment to be coming home in their data binder.
Social Studies- Students created venn diagrams comparing and contrasting the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.
Science- Students were introduced to the scientific method. We even did an experiment with gummy bears! Ask them what they learned through this experiment.

Specials Next Week

Monday- Music
Tuesday- PE
Wednesday- Computer
Thursday- Art
Friday- Music

Tips to Teach Integrity

* Make it easy for them to tell the truth.

Don’t use entrapment. If you know they did something, don’t ask them if they did it; ask them why they did it.

* When they lie, make it easy for them to come clean.

No condemnation or shaming. Administer the consequences, and wipe the slate clean.

* Make the expectations you have of your child realistic and age-appropriate.

If they are not, then you encourage a child to lie because he or she doesn’t want to disappoint you or get in trouble for not measuring up.

* Consequences are the best motivation to tell the truth.

They should be fair, swift, and fitting the offense. Make consequences memorable.

* Project a future of integrity for your child.

When they have failed, restore them with a hug and a smile. Assure them that you are going to do everything you can to help them be a truth teller.

* Remember, you are the high-water mark when it comes to your children’s character.

Don’t expect anything out of them that you aren’t modeling consistently for them.

* Just like any habit, integrity gets easier with practice.

Important Dates and Reminders

* Data Binders went home today. Please sign and return them on Monday.
* 10/14 Last Day of 1st Quarter
* 10/22 Half Day- Release at 11:53
* 10/23- No School
* 10/30 Halloween Party 9:30-10:15 (Grades 3-5 are at this time) We do have a full day
of school on this day.
* THINGS WE COULD USE: A bag of mints for those times we get a sour tummy, a bag of individual packets of Skittles for an upcoming science experiment, and a box of band-aids to keep in the classroom. Thank you in advance!