Hofstra University

Counselor Breakfast visit 12/5/14

Overview of Hofstra

Settled in the Long Island suburbs of NYC, Hofstra University offers a cozy and quaint atmosphere. Hofstra, a medium sized university, admits roughly 1,700 student each year. These students are characterized as involved, excited about college, aggressive about their education, and have "grit." If this characterizes you, and you have a passion for communication, science, or engineering, this may be the school for you.

Lawrence Herbert School of Communication

The School of Communication is truly the gem of the university. With state of the art facilities, students are able to receive a dynamic education outside of the nations largest media center - NYC! According to LinkedIn, the school is #2 in the country for job placement. Also, the radio station was ranked #1 college radio station in the nation by Princeton Review. The station has also received the 2014 Marconi Radio Award for Non-Commercial Station of the Year. In addition, they are the official radio station of the NY Islanders - the only college station in the nation that covers any professional sports team. The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication should be at the top of the list for any student looking into communication as a field of study.

School of Engineering & Applied Science

Hofstra's Engineering & Applied Science features, updated class rooms, innovative technology, and close teacher/students relationships. Students are able to utilize advanced equipment in conjunction with professors, sometimes leading to being published in scientific journals. This is uncommon in a majority of programs. The robotics lab utilizes state of the art equipment, including 3D printers. There are also Electrical and Computer Engineering labs that prepare students for STEM careers.

Brought to you by Mr. Hudson, College & Career Counselor at Somerville High School