EC-5 Elementary Express

April 2019

April Dates At-A-Glance

March 19 - May 4 - FORWARD State Testing Window

April 1 - NO SCHOOL - Professional Development

April 2 - School Resumes

April 5 - Kindergarten Orientation - CEPS Cafeteria (RSVP Required) - 8:15am - 9:15am

April 6 - String Fling at McFarland High School

April 8 - 12 - Severe Weather Awareness Week

April 10 - Summer School Registration Begins - 7:00pm

April 11 - Tornado Drill at WIS and CEPS

April 11 - Open Mic Poetry Night - E.D. Locke Public Library

April 12 - Crazy Hair Day at CEPS

April 15 - Band Instrument Demos for Current 5th Grade Students

April 16 - 4th Grade GIRLS Human Growth and Development Night at WIS - 5:30 at WIS

April 19 - NO SCHOOL

April 22 - School in session - Student Make-Up Day

April 22 - 3rd Grade Field Trip to Landfill (Miller and Swierczek)

April 23 - 3rd Grade Field Trip to Landfill (Eckel and Rowley)

April 23 - 2nd Grade Field Trip - Movie - 11:15am - 2:15pm

April 23 - 4th Grade BOYS Human Growth and Development Night at WIS - 5:30pm

April 24 - 3rd Grade Field Trip to Landfill (Lown and Joyce)

April 24 - SEE - String Exploratory Evening for any 4th graders interested in joining orchestra in 5th grade - WIS 5:15pm - 7:15pm

April 25 - 3rd Grade Field Trip to Landfill (Case, Genin, and Garvey)

April 26 - PTO Sponsored Sock Hop - WIS Gym - 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Upcoming Dates in May

May 2 - Kindergarten Music Programs 5:30pm and 6:30pm

May 9 and May 10 - Kindergarten Farm Field Trip

May 6 - May 10 - Teacher Appreciation Week

May 7 - Teacher Appreciation Day

May 15 and May 16 - 4th Grade Field Trip to State Capitol

May 17 - Field trip to Wisconsin Dells for Current Members of Safety Patrol Congress

May 22 - 3rd Grade Field Trip to Cave of the Mounds

May 31 - WIS Olympiad

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Students WILL HAVE SCHOOL on Monday, April 22 and Friday, May 24. These two dates had been scheduled teacher professional development, but will now be days with regular classes to make up for some of the missed time during the winter season.

Students will still have days off on Friday, April 19 and Memorial Day, May 27.

summer school registration april 10 at 7pm!

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Each summer we offer summer school courses in McFarland. There are multiple sessions and a variety of classes offered each session. We offer enrichment classes as well as educational support classes.

Session 1: June 17 - June 27 (classes Monday - Thursday)

Session 2: July 8 - July 25 (classes Monday - Thursday)

Camp Kindergarten: August 5 - August 15 (classes Monday - Thursday)

ALL classes for students entering grades 1 - 5 will be held at WIS. All classes for students entering grades 6 and up will be at IMMS. The August session of Camp Kindergarten will be held at CEPS.

Click the following link for a table of offerings:

Course descriptions are currently available at this link:

Online Registration will begin April 10, 2019 at 7pm!

We highly recommend you create an account before you sign up for classes as they fill up quickly! You can create an account at any time. Follow this link to create an account:

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THANK YOU TO OUR PTO and families!!!

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  • Thank you to the PTO and to all the families who provided the delicious meals for staff at both CEPS and WIS during Parent Teacher Conferences! We appreciate your generosity and hard work!
  • Our staff at both CEPS and WIS also appreciates all of your support during conference weeks. It gives teachers an opportunity to discuss your child's progress in class and work towards their goals. It is important that we all work together!
  • Thank you to everyone who volunteered at our Book Fair at CEPS! You helped to make it a success!
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Conrad Elvehjem Primary School Information

Interim Principal:

Greg Nelson

CEPS Building Administrative Assistant:

Emily Broome - (608) 838-3146

Administrative Assistant:

Sheryl Leemon - (608) 838-3146

A Note from Interim Principal Nelson

Dear Families,

Happy April! As the month begins, I hope this note finds you rested and rejuvenated after spending time as a family during spring break. “Knock, knock,’s Wisconsin. You can come any day now!”

We are down to our final ten weeks of the school year! We’ve had a great year working with your kind, unique, and creative students, and we are so pleased with the growth they have shown. Thank you for all you have done to get them to school on time and ready to learn. As always, the last few months of school are always a busy home stretch. There are field trips and field days, and of course the Kindergarten Fine Arts night in May. It’s always amazing how fast a school year just flies by!

With the lion and lamb days of spring, I ask that you please check the weather before sending your student to school. We get the gamut...warm, cool, wet, dry, muddy, but hopefully no more snow! At least, keep the boots and coats out for just a bit longer to make sure. Some students may even be ready to learn some independence...teach them how to check the weather on a thermometer and/or look at weather forecasts to make their selection for outerwear. This time is also a good reminder to label all gear with your student’s name and teach them that part of being responsible is to mind their belongings. Our lost and found sure does pile up quickly, and it is a shame how many items are left unclaimed at the end of the year.

This month, we will wrap up our new “Welcome to Kindergarten” Orientation with our last student/family visit scheduled for Friday, April 5th. With the completion of this event, we will have had over 150 incoming kindergarteners learning about “A Day in the Life of Kindergarten”, seeing our classes in action, touring their new school, and enjoying a delicious school breakfast. We have enjoyed meeting the Class of 2032 and their families and are excited to welcome our newest Spartan Stars in September!

I want to keep you updated on the plan for selecting our permanent CEPS Principal for next year. Dr. Andrew Briddell, our superintendent, is leading the process for interviewing and hiring for this role so that the candidate can be selected and presented to the school board this month. There will surely be more news to come!

Till next time!

Greg Nelson

Interim Principal

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Waubesa Intermediate School Information

School Principal:

Sue Murphy

Associate Principal:

Al Northouse

Building Administrative Assistant:

Arlene Bast (608) 838-7667

A Note from Principal Murphy

Dear Waubesa Families,

Don't forget to check out the Waubesa Intermediate School Facebook page that features upcoming events and amazing pictures from the fun days and events we have here at school!

It was great seeing so many of you at the recent 4th & 5th grade Art and Music Programs! The students performed well and provided all of us with great entertainment. The evening celebrations really confirm for me the importance of the arts in our schools. We appreciate your support at these events.

Spring is arriving soon and should bring with it a bit of warm weather. Spring also brings some fluctuation in temperatures. Wearing layers to school is the best way for students to always remain comfortable during the school day and at recess times.

April is the start of a very busy time for us at Waubesa. Students will be taking the state Forward Exam at various times during the month. It will help them greatly if they get a good night’s sleep and eat healthy so they can be focused and do their best.

There are also several field trips during the month of April and into May as well as many transition events as we begin to prepare for next year.

Save the date for the Waubesa annual Olympiad scheduled for Friday, May 31. As always, we will be looking for many parent volunteers to help with the day’s events.

Sue Murphy


Waubesa Intermediate School


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We will be hosting a Human Growth and Development Night for 4th graders. The night will be focused on helping your student understand the upcoming changes they will encounter. Our goal is to begin the conversation now so that students feel comfortable talking to a trusted adult. There will be a lot of time provided for individual family conversations, so be prepared to have open and honest discussions. We encourage you to bring questions!

April 16 at 5:30pm - Girls Night at WIS

April 23 at 5:30pm - Boys Night at WIS

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We will soon begin FORWARD state testing. Your child's teacher will communicate with you about the dates of this exam for each class.

Bike to School Day May 8!

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Waubesa Intermediate School is proud to host a Bike to School event on Wednesday, May 8th starting at 7:15AM at the Village Hall. This event is to promote healthy living, safe travel to and from school and build our community into one that values the environment.

As a child I was not able to bike to school, because I lived too far from school. To meet the needs of those students who also live too far away, we will be continuing our tradition of an amazing meetup and bike train! The train will leave Village Hall at 7:35AM with a police escort! This way any student who, like me, lives too far away, can come to the Village Hall and enjoy a bike ride to school. Parents are welcome too!

No bike? No problem! We will also be having a group walk to school from Village Hall as well! In order to arrive at school on time, this group will be leaving at 7:30AM. This group will be led by staff and parents from our school.

For those who are able to come to the Village Hall, we will be having a raffle for great bike themed prizes. However, the best part of the event is simply riding to school with a great group of fellow schoolmates.

I look forward to seeing many of you at this event!

Mr. Al Northouse

Associate Principal

Basic Details:

What: Bike to School Day

When: May 8th, 2019 @7:15AM - Bike Train leaves at 7:35AM

Where: Meet at McFarland Village Hall

Who: All interested Waubesa Parents and Students

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All parents who drive students to school between 7:30 and 8:00 are asked to drop off their child in the Red Oak Trail parking lot. This is also the location for pick up after school from 2:40 - 3:10.

The parking lot off of Leanne Lane is reserved for staff parking, visitor parking, and entering the building, daycare vans, and school buses.

Having students cross in front of the buses and daycare vans is dangerous. Thank you for doing your part to keep Waubesa safe!

String Fling Saturday, April 6

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The 4th annual String Fling will take place on Saturday, April 6 at McFarland High School. Students attending should have signed up for two clinics and their grade-level rehearsal.

Anyone is welcome to attend the concert at 6:15 to support the McFarland String Students!

Schedule of Events

12:30 - Setup begins

2:00 - Instrument Trial Session

2:30 - Student Check-In

2:45 - First clinic and 5th grade orchestra rehearsal

3:30 - Second clinic and 7th/8th grade orchestra rehearsal

4:10 - Third clinic and 6th grade orchestra and MHS orchestra rehearsal

4:40 - Dinner and break

5:30 - Full concert rehearsal

6:15 - Concert at MHS A Gym

Art and Music Shows - Bravo!

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The 4th and 5th grade Art and Music shows provided many good reasons to be proud. The programs were simply wonderful and a joy to see. Bravo!!! We have a lot to be thankful for and we really appreciated the collective effort given to make it a big success for so many people.
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The following flyers are NOT all school-sponsored activities and the McFarland School District does not provide support or endorsement of the program/flyer. It has neither reviewed nor approved the program, personnel, or activities announced in the brochure/flyer. Permission to distribute this material must not be considered a recommendation or endorsement by the School District.
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