Al Capone

A little history on Al Capone

Where and when he was born.

Al Capone was born January 17, 1899 in Brooklyn, New York.

His family immigrated to The United States in 1893 from Italy.

He had 8 Brothers and 1 sister.

Begining of his childhood.

When he was just 14, Al Capone dropped out of school. Between scams he was a clerk in a candy store, a pinboy in a bowling alley, and a cutter in a book bindery.

Al Capone Joined the Brooklyn Rippers and the Forty Thieves Juniors at 14.

He later joined the 5 points gang and worked at The Harvard inn for Frankie Yale.

Mobster Life.

His own family.

In 1918 Capone met an irish girl named Mary Coughlin (Mae).

She had Al Capones son On December 4, 1918. Albert "Sonny" Francis. Capone and Mae married that year on December 30.