Republic of The Gambia

Culture of Republic of The Gambia

The People

Gambia is split into five ethnic groups the Mandinka, Fukani, Wolof, Jola, Serrahule. most of Gambians are Muslims but some are Christian. they respect each others religious freedom. Gambians are usually self-confident hospitable people and children respect there elders.
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Your index finger is a sign of good luck people put into there food before they eat for praying. Friends and family usually come without an invite and usually come around meal time, and expect to get food from the host even if the food is not ready they will start cooking.
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Life Style

The Gambian family structure is extended it may have tree generations of the family living together. Gambians listen to reggae music or other wise known as ndaga music. Most holidays are celebrated with a festival with the exception of labor day.
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