The Nosy Observers



Greenwich has always been a small little village. It was peaceful not having to worry about much ruckus other than the musician who everyone didn't seem to mind. Everyone kind of kept to themselves and never noticed anything new about their neighbors. As a reporter, I'm used to being a little nosy because that's my job. Being nosy can get you into trouble. That wasn't my problem though, until I found L.B. Jefferies and Lisa Carol Fremont who decided to play reporter along with me. There was a scream in the night, everyone turned on their lights except one room, Mr. and Mrs.Thorwall. Why was that? For nights I noticed L.B. Jefferies and Ms.Fremont peek out their window as I would do the same. What were they looking for? After the detective had gone over I began to speculate more. Where is Mrs.Thorwall? She hasn't been seen for days. I asked Mr.L.B. Jefferies and Ms.Fremont for their opinions, they believe Mr.Thorwall had murdered his wife and is now trying to cover it up and run away. They found her purse full of her jewelry and most importantly, her wedding ring. Lisa exclaimed, "Now why would a woman leave behind her wedding ring and just disappear? It doesn't make any sense!" After the investigation, Thorwall admitted to his wrongdoings the night he tried to kill Mr.Jefferies out of the window. He told the detectives he would show them where the body was and he's never been heard of again.
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Now: Embrace intersectionality, help girls learn about consent and healthy sexual relationships, & reject "choice" feminism.

1950's: Reproductive rights, employment, & feminist literature.

Connection between the two: In the 1950's by fighting for reproductive rights also to girls being able to learn more about healthy relationships and how they should be treated. What if they were raped or in an abusive relationship and got pregnant? It was frowned upon back then to have an abortion and they wouldn't leave their men because they loved and cared too much for them to want to do that. Now they teach girls it's okay, it happens all the time, and that they deserve better.