Together We Can

Helping Leaders to Shine

I am here to serve. I am here to help someone change their life. I am here to make a difference. I am here to inspire and motivate. I exist to empty myself into impacting humanity positively. I am here to love. I exist to make a difference! Your training facilitator

Class Outline

The program is about learning new behaviours, attitudes, skills that advance your ability to perform at an optimum level in all spheres of life, be it at work or in your personal life and unlearning all the negative behaviours and letting go of limiting beliefs that will never serve our purpose in life. In the past few years a revolutionary strategy to realize human potential has been created. The program is about exploring The Self Discovery Techniques and Life Mastery Process that have taken self-empowerment to whole new heights. The program will delve into giving participants to understand why they behave the way they do and harness in the inner power and strength to achieve any goal or dream in life, using various techniques and understanding your mind, your thoughts and how they translate into behaviors and outcomes. The class will give you more clarity and a deeper understanding of self.

Meet your Trainer

“Poor me”, “Poor me” hmmm, your own prophesies fulfilled and you are wondering why you cannot catch a break and everything that you try fails because you have declared yourself poor. Stop, just stop it and get up! Yes get up get up from sorryville lane, the poor me lane. No-one feels sorry for you, so stop feeling sorry for yourself and get up. Yes Get Up! Get Up! Get Up! Coach Pam

Pamela T. Mago is a Certified and Accredited through Let's Live Coaching as a Life Coach, Neuro Linguistics Practitioner, Quantum Linguistics Practitioner, Hypnotherapist Practitioner, NLP Coach, Time Line Healing Practitioner,Time Quintessence Techniques Practitioner. All of Pamela Mago's work is rooted in her desire to see individuals excel above their current circumstances.

Together We Can

Together We Can (TWC) is a non-Governmental, nonprofit association of self- employed women in Malawi. The mission statement calls for TWC to be the catalyst that facilitates the development of dynamic women entrepreneurs at all levels in Malawi, advocate for and support government policies that promote the growth of women’s businesses at all levels, and enhance the active participation of women entrepreneurs in national, continental and global economies.

The Science of Personal Achievement

Thursday, Oct. 29th, 8am

Plot 85, Area 10, Lilongwe

Key Outcomes of the Class:

No matter what walk of life you come from or what it is you desire to attain in life, this strategy will greatly accelerate your success. Everyone has huge amounts of creative power “trapped” inside of them and they can sense this. Applying these simple techniques “unlocks” that power trapped within us
• An increase in the ability to focus attention, resulting in being more effective
• An increase in the ability to be in the present moment, resulting in greater clarity and greater discernment;
• An increase in self-awareness, resulting in the ability to be more deliberate;
• An increase in the skills and ability to manage the mind and emotions(emotional intelligence);
• An increase in the ability to become aware of stress, and release it.
• An increase in the ability to discover unconscious sabotage patterns, and to release them.
• An increase in the ability to manage one’s belief system, resulting in greater success and fulfillment in any chosen area of life.
• Greater mental clarity, resulting in an increased ability to learn and more effectively apply knowledge (increased intelligence).
• Increased ability to release the stresses that cause pain and disease, resulting in better health.
• An increase in the ability to become more fully self-expressed, resulting in more authentic and empowering relationships.

• A greater ability to succeed in business, art, or any chosen undertaking.