"It's not too late, it's never too late..."

No it's not too late to purchase your ASB card!

Purchasing your card supports the Associated Student Body, allows you to attend home athletic events for free, supports clubs, and helps to fund school events such as rallies, freshmen orientation, lunch activities, and student recognition.


Why Should You Still Purchase an ASB Card???

1. There are still tons of home sporting events for the Fall, Winter, and Spring sports, and purchasing your ASB card will earn you FREE ADMISSION.

2. You NEED to have purchased an ASB card to receive athletic awards for sports.

3. FREE Class T-shirt...Yellow for Freshmen, Blue for Sophomores, Orange for Juniors, Pink for Seniors.

4. Receive a DISCOUNT on dance tickets...remember, HOMECOMING is approaching!

How Much Does This Cost?

ASB cards are only $40 for all of these AMAZING benefits. They are TOTALLY worth it!

How Do I Order?

Forms are available on the school website (petalumahighschool.org) under the Upcoming Events Tab, or you can send your child in with a $40 check or cash to either room F-3 or F-4
Because of online registration, the number of student members of our ASB has been significantly reduced. We rely on these memberships to put on school events and raise school spirit. Please join us in making our school the best place to be!