The House of Hades

Book 4

By Rick Riordan

583 pages

Catch Phrase

To attempt the impossible, join the demigods as they face their most ferocious challenge ever.


In Rick Riordan's newest installment of his action packed series, the seven children of the prophecy are in danger. Annabeth and Percy are trapped in the deep pit of Tarturas. Hazel, Frank, Jason,Leo,Piper and the others are struggling to survive on the Argo II. Gaea, mother earth has planned to rise on the Festivel of Spes and destroy all hope forever. How is it possible for seven demigods to defeat the most powerful everform in the world? The demigods must work together, have each other's side to save the world, or Olympus will be razed to rubble.

Point of View

Percy and Annabeth are trying to make it through Tarturus and attempting to stay alive. Even with all the pain and difficulties they are barely escaping the deadly terrain at every twist. They have no way of locating the Doors of Death. Even if they did locate the doors, Gaea's strongest monsters are guarding them. In a fierce battle, Percy and Annabeth defeat the minions and get out of Tarturus in time.


Life has many struggles, which can be overcome with determination. You can accomplish more with your friends rather than being alone.

Theme in my life

Everyday I come across different obstacles not similar to the ones demigods face in the novel but in real life situation. It requires sincere determination to ace a test or win a tennis game. With hard work and perseverence just like demigods I can achieve my goals to do better and overcome difficult situations.

Friends are there for moral support, but unlike demigods, our life does not rely in the hands of others. One requires friendship to do many things like playing sports or taking down a bully. With help of friends, I can acheive my goals. When in need I can always count on my friends to be by my side.