Double Identity

Margaret Peterson Haddix


Bethany is a thirteen year old girl and on her birthday her parents were acting really weird. One morning they got in the car and drives to her aunt Myrlies house that Bethany has never met before. No one will tell Bethany where they are going. Once Bethany was at her aunt Myrlies house her mom calls and says weird stuff about this girl named Elizabeth and Bethany has no idea what she is talking about. One day her dad called and told Myrlie she could tell Bethany about Elizabeth..So Myrlie told Bethany about Elizabeth. Then one day there was a package in the mail that was from her dad that has 4 birth certificates from 4 different states and 4 last names. Also in the package there was a lot of 100 dollar bills. Than a strange man shows up at Myrlie's house and asks questions about Bethany….

How the main character changed over time

Bethany was very unsure about being so far from home, so far away from her parents and not knowing the person she’s staying with that well. Over time i think that she got more comfertable and brave because she was staying with her aunt for a long time.


This book is mystery because first she doesn’t know where she is going but she ends up going to her aunt’s house. Next she doesnt know why her parents just left her with her aunt. Then she didn’t know who this Elizabeth is.

She’s probaly trying to tell the reader that that people need to be trustworthy about your parents because they know what’s good for you.


Bethany is mostly at her aunt’s house, in illininos. She sleeps up stairs with two beds in her room. Her aunt lives in a two story house and lives in the city.

Main Character

The main character of the story Double Identity is Bethany. Bethany is a girl and she is living with her aunt for a while because her mom and her dad are getting help in a different state.out herself. Bethany is Selfless because se doesn’t care all about herself. I think Bethanys character trait is Brave because she was Brave enough to stay all by herself with her aunt that she barlie knows. I think Bethanys character trait is Curious because she is Curious to go and swim at the Y because she needed to practice since she was far away from her school so she could’nt practice swimming.


You should read Double Identity because its a really good book for people who like mystery’s. I really LIKED this book.