Tuesday, April 22nd - Nova - 106



Perfect resource for math enrichment (K-12)! Challenge every student, struggling and over achieving! Develops problem solving, multi-step planning, analyzing and perseverance! Track student progress. Works with devices and any Internet-connected computer... Read on! Coding is being promoted nationally as a means of introducing students to computer science. Learning to code is learning to write in a language that the computer understands and then executes commands. The skills while learning to code include problem solving, multi-step planning, analyzing and perseverance. The free web based resources available for coding are designed so that students can learn to code while working independently at a center. The programs are designed to introduce new skills as the students progress and some even track their progress regardless of the teachers coding knowledge &/or ability. The great thing for the elementary level is that these programs run on the older computers that many have in the back of your rooms and make a great math center. Additionally, it is a perfect resource for Secondary Math teachers. Coding while beneficial & accessible to all students is a great option to enrich & challenge our best & brightest.



Featured App - iMovie
Make movies rated S for Simple...It’s never been easier to make it in the movies. Just choose the clips you want to use and iMovie Trailer does the rest for you. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a wrap.
-Introduce New Material
-Showcase Events
-Summarize Student Learning...

iPads are available to use during this PD