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Published Friday, May 22nd, 2020

School Supplies Survey- Parents we need your opinion

Please take 1 minute or less to answer 1 question on this survey. **This link has been updated and should work this week, thank you again!

3rd-6th Chromebook Drop off Procedure

Dear Elementary Families,

The Elementary, grades 3rd-6th will be collecting chrome books next week.

Families of 5th or 6th graders will use the West Parking lot (in front of the school) and families of 3rd or 4th graders will use the East parking lot (behind the school)

There will be tables under tents set up for only 1 person per vehicle to exit and bring returning items to the table. There will be an "X" on the concrete to comply with social distancing. We ask that you leave the items on the table and if your teacher has anything for you, they will set these items on the table for you to take.

**If you plan on attending summer school and have already been issued a Chromebook, Please keep your Chromebook.

The schedule is as follows:

3rd grade- 7:30am-6:00pm (East Parking lot - Behind School) ** LOCATION CHANGE**

Wednesday, 5/27

4th grade- 9:00am-4:30pm (East Parking lot - Behind School)

Tuesday, 5/26- Balko’s class

Wednesday, 5/27- Kotek’s class

Thursday, 5/28 – Holtz’s class

5th & 6th from 12:00pm-3:00pm (West Parking lot - Front of school)

Tuesday, 5/26 – Student last name A-G

Wednesday, 5/27 – Student last name H-P

Thursday, 5/28 – Student last name Q-Z

Below is an aerial picture of our pickup locations.

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Getting ready for the future

As we all know March came and changed our lives very quickly. While March left families ample time to hunker down and really dig deep into our family pod, at school we were busy making technological changes. What does that mean? Well here is a list of things that will look different in the fall.

* Online Registration (Current Student)

* Digital Sign in/out to office (Okay, not really "NEW" but we are going to give you the 411 about this process)

* Digital infored Temp Checker Pad

* Virtual Early Childhood development

* New location of the nurses station

In this weeks Weekly buzz we are going to dive in on some of these new ways of completing some of our same task.

Online Registration

While this has been a suggestion for a few year now, we had some time to dig in and see what exactly this looked like and how it would work. Excitingly enough, through Family access you will now be able to complete current student registration. In the month of June you will be sent a letter with your user name and computer generated password, if you have not already set up an account in family access. The password will need to be changed on your very first log in. Once you log in we are no longer able to see your password. As always, make sure you keep your password written in a safe location. If you were to forget the password, we do have the ability to reset your password to a generated password and you would then follow the same steps as before. If you have already set up an account and use family access, you are ready to go!

To get on family access you will want to visit http://www.cadott.k12.wi.us/

Once you are on the school web site, go to quick links, under Parents and Community Members there is a link called Family Access, Click that link. A new tab will open and will pop up a Skyward login page. If you are new to Skyward Family Access use your letter you received and put in username and password and hit next. Follow the prompts to Finnish setting up your account.

We are currently estimating July 15th to be our launch date for online registration.

Welcome to your family access page! On the Far left hand side you will see a Home menu. You will see the option to register right under the home menu. See image below.

Click on 2020-21 Elementary Online Registration, Follow the prompts. Be sure to complete all the way through.

Digital Sign in/out

For many of you this is not "new". We implemented the digital sign out form in early February and it has worked well. I wanted to take a moment and dive in a little more about how we will use this in the fall.

As of right now, We plan on having the laptop in the Elementary vestibule waiting area on a table with hand sanitizer available.

Due to COVID-19 regulations, we are unable to have everyone come to the elementary. However, we wanted you to have access to the many resources and providers that come to Child Development Day. You are encouraged to explore the site, click on the links, and virtually view resources from the comfort of your own home.

Tauri temperature check tablets

We all know that next school year is going to look different. As part of our new reality, the elementary and jr/sr high schools will be utilizing Tauri temperature check tablets to help us keep our schools safe. These tablets will be housed in each of the buildings' offices and visitors will be required to have the tablet read their temperature prior to going anywhere in the building. These tablets will be non-invasive and will scan visitors using a camera and infrared sensors from up to three feet away with an accuracy of +/- .5 degrees, allowing our office staff to ensure that they are temperature free.
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New Location of Nurses Office

Nurse Hager's Office will be moving back to the Elementary Office. We will also be bringing the health bay back into the office. This allows privacy and space for students who may become sick at school and also control the spread of sickness by limiting ill child locations to the health bay.

Nurse Notes

Resilient Wisconsin: It's OK to ask for Help


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Spirit Squad

Please Join the Cadott Youth Spirit Squad Facebook page and watch for updates on fall registration.
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Have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day. Stay Healthy.

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We will miss you this year, But are excited to see you next year!