My Family and Friends (3)

Week 3 Pets 10/4-8

Monday 10/4 Discovery Center

Discussion : Let's discuss the meaning of the word "pet".

What is a pet?

What do pets need ?

How do pets help us ?

What animals should NOT be kept as a pet?

Describe different types of Pet Homes.

Introduce the following new vocabulary words : veterinarian, domestic, wild, healthy, responsibility, care, characters, concentrate, fiction, fact, quantity, equal, strategy

Students will have choices of activities within their Disc. Center station:

GREEN: Pet exploration and pretend grooming area, family center and grocery store

BLUE: fine motor manipulatives, community/family blocks, play dough letters, white board easel for letter writing

YELLOW: Hatch game table, Hatch computer MATH, Light table manipulatives, drawing tablet and stencils

RED: Fall Science exploration table , plant exploration, ball flume, sensory tub for sorting and counting

Cute 4K Dogs and Puppy Mood Booster TV Background, Happy Ambient Music - Upbeat Instrumental

Tuesday 10/5 PARENTS TO P.E. in the gym !

Today our parents are invited to join us during the P.E. classes. We will have special stations arranged so our parents can get a "taste" of our classes.

warm up jog around cones

quick exercise workout

1. goofy goggle race (parent/child)

2. play,build together : rug activities to include Pet groomer area, ball area

3. scooter riding track (parent / child teams)

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Wednesday 10/6 FUN IN THE STEAM LAB !

Let's learn all about how we take care of PETS . We'll discuss feeding, habitats, and other responsibilities associated with pet care. We will be able to touch and hold our classroom pets today !
Teaching Kids to Care for Pets | Videos for Toddlers

Thursday 10/7 Library Day in the Discovery Center

We will be reading Franklin Wants a Pet . We will also be practicing our reading time in the book stations and checking out a book for home.
Franklin Wants a Pet

Friday 10/8 P.E. in the Gym ! EARLY DISMISSAL TODAY !

Fun Friday in the gym. We will warm up with our Friendship song just like we did on Tuesday. Then, we will rotate through our stations :

1. Bounce house, hoops

2. Big Blocks,basketball/soccer

3. Trikes, Climbing wall

If you are AT HOME, please repeat the SuperHero workout from Tuesday !

Have a great weekend ! We'll see you on TUESDAY . (Monday is a student holiday ! )