7 Habits of Highly Effective People

By: Sarah Wynn

Habit 1: Humble but Confident

A good leader should be confident in what they do and what they are teaching and showing people what to do, while at the same time being humble and not getting a big head.

Habit 2: Be Educated Before Trying To Educate

Before trying to teach people something, you should learn about it and learn mistakes that are easily made so people can learn from your mistakes.

Habit 3: Have a Plan

Before you jump into reaching a goal , you need to have a plan so you have a path to take instead of blindly walking up stairs.

Habit 4: Don't Be Afraid To Share Your Ideas

Everyone has their own ideas and yours will never be known if you don't share them, don't be afraid to get your ideas out there, it only take one genus idea to create something amazing.

Habit 5: Don't Eat Until Everyone Is At The Table

No one can be 100% successful by themselves, before you get rewards for you success (your slice of pie) , make sure that everyone else who has helped you with your success gets their slice of pie before you eat.

Habit 6: Do not expect to have everything under your control

Life is unpredictable, and never in your complete control. You can control many things in your life but the inevitable is in fact inevitable, so don;t freak out if you see something you can't control. Just chill out.

Habit 7: Be respectful and you will be respected

The best way to gain others respect is to respect them. Being disrespectful and rude will get you no where. Show respect to your superiors and inferiors at all times.