Lies From the U.S. Government

Japanese Internment Camps

Negitive Views Put Into the American Mind

The government put flyers around tows stating that the Japanese are now "enemy aliens" within a few hours after the attack on Pear Harbor. They called this evacuation voluntary when in reality these people didn't want to leave their homes to go to the camps.
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These cartoons drawn by Dr. Seuss depicted that the Japanese were as worse as Hitler, therefore Americans should protect themselves from them.
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Other cartoons showed that the Japanese were evil people that want to murder the Americans.

The Reality of the Japanese

Even though the Americans thought that all of the Japanese people were the enemy, not all of them bombed Pearl Harbor. All of these precautions with putting isolating them the internment camps were unnecessary.
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The U.S. government moved all of the people of Japanese decent out of their houses even though they all were American, and the people from Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.
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The Japanese people from America were not scary and not the enemy. As depicted above, they were innocent and normal.