The Grace Vincent Times

Grace Vincent

The Vincent's in Chicago

Over spring break, the Vincent family went to Chicago on. a windy Thursday afternoon.

While they were in Chicago, they wanted to go on the Sky Deck at Willis Tower because they heard it was an unforgettable experience. Mr. Vincent got him and his family a cab and they rode to the Willis Tower. There they paid their entrance fees and went into an elevator that took them to the top, the one-hundred and third floor in eight seconds. All of their ears were popping.

They were escorted out of the elevator and they took in the breathe-taking view from the one-hundred and third floor at Willis Tower. There was a big line that they got into to wait their turn to step out onto the Sky Deck that made them feel like they were standing on top of the city! It was finally their turn and they all excitedly walked on it and took a bunch of pictures.

They were all very sad and glum looking on the way back down to the first floor because they had all had a really cool experience and saw a lot of amazing views that left them all astonished. When they arrived at the first floor, they all stepped out and got in a cab to go to their next location. This is their story of how the Vincent's were one-hundred and three stories high, in the sky.

Grace's Morning Routine

Her morning routine consists of the same thing, every morning. Her mom comes in and wakes her up at about 5:30AM. It takes her a while to actually get out of bed.

When she does, she goes to the bathroom and does her makeup. Her makeup takes her a max amount of twenty minutes. She then moves onto her hair where she straightens it out and puts some hair spray in. When she is satisfied with her appearance, she walks down stairs and eats a bowl of cereal.

She is usually running short on time so she runs upstairs and brushes her teeth and does a few other last minutes things to get ready for the day. She then slides into the outfit she had picked out for the day and she packs her backpack up.

At around 6:55AM she's heading down the stairs and into the garage where she meets her mom. At 7:00AM her mom starts the car and they drive out of their neighborhood on their way to school. This is her one and a half hour morning routine.

Discovery World

A few days ago, on April 13th, Aquarius House went on a field trip to Discovery World in Milwaukee. They had all arrived at school at 6:45AM and were split into three groups. Two hours later, the Aquarius House teachers and students arrived at Discovery World.

The students were assigned a chaperone and a group and then they were left to explore the different exhibits at Discovery World. These exhibits ranged from touching sting rays to being in a airplane flight simulator.

Over the days time, the kids had to fill in a study guide while they participated in different activities throughout Discovery World.

At 2:30PM, the Aquarius House teachers and students ended their time in Milwaukee and rode back home, to Bay View Middle school. All the students and teachers were very impressed with what they saw/ learned at Discover World and everyone is wishing they could go again!