My 2014-2015 School Year

The year I started 7th grade

Middle School Milestones

I had thought middle school might be grueling, backbreaking work. Boy, was I wrong. My middle school experience was far different from what I have read about it (in fiction books). There weren't bullies, only friends. Also, the usage of electronics at school caused me to become much more tech-oriented. I became taller and much more fit due to P.E. and all that running. I have become closer with my new friends and more distant from my old friends. I got used to a routine that was not the grueling, backbreaking experience I thought it would be (except for math, which is grueling, backbreaking, and sarcastic). Science introduced me to the idea of Genius Hour, and I didn't like it as much as I thought I would (sorry science teachers). Science also introduced me to flipped homework, which I definitely like. My dog became two years old (yay). Middle school, finally, has confirmed my theory (even thought it was countlessly proven during my years in 5th and 6th grade) that the world is biased towards those who aren't familiar with what's trending.

Basil's 2nd Birthday

Technology in the Class

In some of my classes, we needed technology to work. In my Multimedia class, we make videos with Adobe Premiere and edit images with Adobe Photoshop. In Science, some people use their tablets or laptops as a paperless science notebook. Sometimes Chromebooks are provided, mainly for Genius Hour. An example of my First Google Document in science is below. Also in science, we do tests and quizzes on the computers in the Media Center and maintain an ePortfolio about the stuff we learn in class. My ePortfolio is below. In English, we rarely use technology, but sometimes I would bring my tablet to type essays online. In PE, we use technology to complete quizzes on the type of sport played in class. In History, sometimes people bring their tablets for note-taking or essays. That's an overview of how technology is used in the class.

Genius Hour

In Science, we were introduced to Genius Hour, where the students come up with an idea that they want to study, refine, and develop. Below is the (unfinished) website that I made for Genius Hour, specifically, cryptozoology. (Note: I'm not using the website anymore. I decided to make a presentation instead to present to the class.)

Impact on Life

I was new to all of this stuff - technology in the classroom, Genius Hour, six teachers, and the school. But my year in 7th grade has written how I will live my 8th grade year. 7th grade granted me new friends, a seven minute mile, a tolerance for lots of homework and sitting on my butt for hours without getting up, and a sprained ankle. Wait, what? Anyway, because of a good experience in 7th grade, I now know how to get around in 8th grade. I know the routine, and I can trust myself to do the correct thing.

Thank you for making my 2014-2015 year a great experience, teachers! I will miss you.