Biotic and abiotic factors

By : ️Harika, Cade 7th period

Biotic factor

Biotic factors are living things or once living things. Biotic factors have eukaryotic cells.

Some examples are bears, birds, lions. Eukaryotic has a nucleus

Abiotic factor

Abiotic factor are non living things and they were never living at all. Some examples are bacteria because it has no nucleus and prokaryotic does not have a nucleus in it. Prokaryotic is smaller that a eukaryotic and eukaryotic is bigger that a prokaryotic

Unicellular and multicellular

A unicellular is organisms made with only one cell and multicellular is multiples types of cells. An example of a unicellular Is bacteria and a example of a multicellular is fungi because it has more than one cell

Ecosystem, population, organism, community

An ecosystem is where living and non living thing is and area. A population is a group of the same organisms there can be a population of plants too. Organism is any living thing that includes plants. Community is all the different population in an area. Must be biotic. Example of ecosystem is a swamp with all non living thing and living thing , example of a organism is a deer. An example of community is a beaver,squirrel, moose, deer. An example of a population is a group of deers.
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This picture is community because different population is in an area.


I hope you guys learned something from our presentation. Thank you!