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Three physical properties of gold are dense, bright yellow color, and a soft metal. The three chemical properties of gold are that it dissolves in aqueous cyanide solutions with air dissolves in acid, and reacts with chlorine to form other compounds. Gold is found in gravel, and the earth. It is used for jewelry. Some common compounds it makes are auric chloride, chloroauric acid. The reactivity is There are 7 isotopes.


Gold is a great product. It has many uses. You can impress a lady friend by getting her a nice gold ring with plenty of karats. You can also pull a celebrity move by covering your old rusty beat up car with a layer of this because it doesn't react with water, and all the people will stare and notice how classy you are. Gold is also used in dentist work, you could potentially cover your pretty white teeth with a gold layer to make them stand out, or even to cap a broken tooth.

Gold has a wonderful yellow color that will stand out and blind people with its magnificence. Gold has been around since periodic times, which shows how classy and expensive it is. Your ring could have traces of past DNA from old lifeforms. Gold is considered a soft metal. If you decide to finely grind your gold it can turn black, purple, or ruby.

Gold is one of the few elements that can be found in its natural state. Gold is a noble metal under normal circumstances it will not react. Metallic gold has no odor or taste. Gold is resistant to most acids, so go ahead and wear that ring of yours when. Occasionally gold is used as a food additive. So if you wanna feel classy you should buy some gold.