Componets Of Fitness

Elijah M. Parks

Cardiovascular Endurance

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This is flexibility because the woman above is stretching out to her feet so her back would stretch.

Body Composition

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This is Body Composition because in picture one(to the left) was not ripped as he is in the other picture(to the right) He worked out until he has abs and good muscles which compressed.

Muscular Strength

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This is muscular Strength because the man is using his muscles to lift the weight up and down. Without his muscular strength he would not be able to lift the heavy weight at all.

Muscular Endurance

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This is muscular endurance because the man is keeping his body suspended in the air with his arms for a long amount of time. He is testing how long he would get keeping himself suspended in the air.


Agility Example
This is agility because the boy is using his speed to go from side to side to back and forth as fast as he can. Its agility because he has to be fast and movable.


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This is balance because the person in the picture above is balancing on a tight-rope because he would fall off if he was not balanced.


A perfect Example of Team Coordination

This is coordination because the men and women in the video are walking in perfect sync. No one is out of order and it is perfect. That is coordination.


2004 World Muscle Power Championships

This Is power because the man is using his muscle power to lift the heavy log about himself for a period of time.


Megaminx solved in 44.82 seconds (Or is it 46.05?)
This is speed because the man above is using the speed in his fingers to solve the puzzle.