Lorentee V. Crossley

Teaching Assistant

Personal Statement: Lorentee

Personal Statement

Hello my name is Lorentee V. Crossley.

I am a very passionate person for sports. One time when I was 10 I ran at a State track meet and won for the 100 meter dash. I then went the national track meet. Unfortunately I lost but I did come in second place. My prize money was $1,500 and I put it in the bank for college. It was a fun experience to run against people all around the U.S. I also played football, baseball, wrestling, lacrosse, and basketball. I was the captain for all of these sports teams. I even went to the state champions with my football team.

We’ll let me start off by saying I am a very efficient person in many ways. I love pets and different kinds of animals, from exotic animals like lions and peacocks, to domestic animals like Siberian huskies and Tabby cats. I am also globally minded in ways you couldn’t think of. I can type more than 40 words a minute if you wanted me to. I can use many programs such as PowerPoint; Excel, Moviemaker, Word, OneNote.



Harry F. Byrd Middle School

2010- Present


Byrd Football

Byrd wrestling

Byrd Track

Western wildcats Little League


Typing 40 words a minute


Microsoft Word




Shannon Hyman


(804) 750-2630

David Whitehouse


Rod Wilson


Work Experience Journal

12/21/12 To prepare for my work experience I have done a number of things like made this website. I wrote a personal statement. I have made my own video for my website. I have filled out a resume. I have collaborated with other students and staff to edit my content. I have been shown how to display work. I have been trained in how to deliver materials for my teachers.

12/21/13 professional day was a great experience for me. i learned how to tie a tie today. i also took pictures for my name tag today. We also had a fake interview to get us ready for the real interview.

1//25/13 The official interview is today and my stomach feels like its inside out. I felt better of all was said and done.

1/30/13 first day of work was alright. The whole class period i organize a bookshelf by genera and girl and boy.

2/6/13 another worker joined me for work today and we finish the bookshelf Then we help teacher next door by lining up desk and putting tape down were the desk were supposed to be lined up at.

2/8/13 Well today we had another student today add to my class and we help Richard punch holes in papers for the whole sixth grade for a field trip.Then we took out recycling for the whole 6th grade. We went to cut pieces of paper for a class for the 6th grader for all of the teachers students.

2/13/13 We also did more cutting for that teacher and then later that day we laminated that day and we were cutting out the laminated posters and note cards for the rest of that work day.

2/15/13 We learned to use the copy machine and the laminater. Also we learned where all the teachers wall was. Then went to work with my teacher and we printed and redid her word wall.

2/20/13 So today we worked for ms turlington and we help her with organizing her room and straighten up the desk. Also we went to Richard room and taped rocket ships with stickers on them for the students, on his wall.

2/22/13 Today we helped my regular teacher with her papers and straighten up her room and another teacher came and accidentaly spilled water so i quickley jumped up and help her clean it up.

2/27/13 Well i went to my regular teacher and she did not have anything for me to do so i went to another teachers room name Hampton and she ask me to make and active inspire for the atmosphere unit because she is a science teacher.

3/1/13 Today my teacher did not have anything for me to do so i went to Ms. Hampton again and i almost finish my active inspire .

3/6/13 snow day

3/8/13 Today Mrs. Richards asked Aida and I to print out words for the cheer leading calender. Then Aida and I helped another teacher sort papers. Then we went to get papers and sort them by name . we did not get to finish because the bell rang.

3/20/13 We recycled for the whole building that day all halls included. We even recycled for the office too.

3/22/13 I laminated Soda posters for Mr. Richards and Mrs. Turlington.

3/27/13 first we helped A hall teachers. Then i help Mr.Richards to hole punch all of his pictures. Then after that while i was delivering things for the guidance teacher here i ran into Mr.Wilson. After that i went to re organize the boys locker room.

3/29/13 Hafl day

4/10/13 Mrs.Turlington told us to put on new tape on poster and Aida put on tape on them and i hung them up in the room and then after that we went around A hall and B hall and pick up the recycling.

4/12/13 Today we help Mrs.Kendig with organizing her papers. Then after that we went to Mr. Timok room to help him organize the Left over wood From his wood Classes.

4/17/13 Today i help mr.semo math tutor today. then after that i helped ms white oraganize papers

5/1/13 Today i was helping mr.semo in turtoring and it was fun because they move from ratios to fractions and it felt good helping other people. The funny thing is some of the stuff that i helped with in that class is in my math class today.

5/3/13 Today i helped carnelle move books from ms.Turlingtons room to an storage room. then we went to several other rooms. After that we recycled for 2 teachers, Ms.kendig and Ms.turlington.

5/8/13 i had put 500 pieces of white paper in groups of 13 for the whole 6th grade. I finished most of them.Then i helped with turtoring too.

I also helped with toturing.

5/10/13 Today i helped with tutoring. Then i helped mrs.richards with laminating. I did aleast 30 peices of poster board for her students.

5/15/13 Aida has been moved to office aid so today i helped carnelle and joey with the books. I went to turtoring first then i helped mrs.turlington with some of her papers.

5/17/13 I went to turtoing today and then i went to ms.Bullen to help carnelle we got books from whitehouse and richards.


Contact Information

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Bruce Timok, Byrd Middle School EFE teacher.

Bruce Timok



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