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Fall is such a beautiful time of year! Unfortunately for many people it is also when they struggle with seasonal depression and anxiety. I know I can sure use a boost when the sun hasn't shown in a few days! There are quite a few oils to help uplift and also help with emotional balance.

Frankincense- I use a drop in my daily moisturizer as it helps with many skin issues. It also balances emotions.

Joy or Christmas Spirit- Applied over the heart daily it will help "lift" sad feelings.

White Angelica- Very soothing and one of the best oils for grief or loss.

Release- Helps to release pent up emotions.

Grounding- Helps to control emotions.




Digize- This little gem has been going in and out of stock so I have to get a bottle while I can. Whatever stomach or digestive issue our family has this oil takes care of it quickly. Little known fact- this can be applied to the sinuses for congestion relief too!

Purification- This oil was out of stock when I placed my order last month. I was so sad not to get a refill of my new favorite oil to diffuse. No matter the smell Purification will wipe it out. I have some super stinky cats and this has been a life saver. I add it to the rinse cycle to rid my laundry of any stubborn odors.

Valor (the original)- I just got this awesome oil for the first time last month. It had been out of stock since last winter! I am in love with the scent and the benefits! This oil helps TMJ, snoring, anxiety, focus and calming. There is no telling how long the stock will last, so I am getting my one bottle per month as long as it is available.

Other stock up items- RC and Raven for cold symptoms, Peace & Calming for relaxing, sleep and kiddo meltdowns

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These days I am a stay at home mom to two great kids Zoe (5) and Zachary (1) . Since becoming a mom I have become increasingly more interested in natural health and wellness. Since late 2013, I have been researching essential oils and how to use them to better my home and family life. I jumped into Young Living with both feet in July of 2015 already knowledgeable about basic essential oil use. I am excited to learn more everyday and share that information with my friends and family. I hope I can help you and your family too!