Women Are Men's Equals

Women's Liberation

What was it all about?

In 1960, American women's rights were limited in both family life and the workplace. A woman was expected to marry in her early 20's, quickly start a family, and devote her life to homemaking. Though many women seemed to be on board with equal rights for women, there were those that were from the baby boomer age who believed that there was nothing wrong with taking care of the home and family. This often led to a clash in their speeches and protests given, in this time period.


  • During World War II, over six million women took an active part in the work force. Over three million women worked for the Red Cross and over 200,000 women served in the military. At the end of the war, women were laid off from the positions they had during the war.
  • In June 1966, while attending the Third National Conference on the Commission on the Status of Women in Washington, D.C., Betty Friedan and twenty-eight women founded the National Organization for Women (NOW).
  • The 38 percent of American women who worked in 1960 were largely limited to jobs as teacher, nurse, or secretary.The rest usually stayed at home and took care of the family.
  • women accounted for six percent of American doctors, three percent of lawyers, and less than one percent of engineers. Working women were paid lower salaries than men and denied opportunities to advance. They assumed that women would soon become pregnant and quit their jobs.
  • Many of the more traditional women, believed that there was nothing wrong with staying in the home. They enjoyed taking care of the family and thought that the other women should stay home too.

Why choose this subject?

The women's liberation act of 1960, led to the freedoms and qualities that women now have today. Though there is still some discrimination against women, it has gotten better. Most women no longer stay at home, rather they'd go out into the world and can have any job they want. Women are no longer considered a man's property and they finally have a voice in their government. And all of it is thanks to these women who protested for years to get us our rights. They deserve to be honored for their actions and for their struggles.