My art

by Sophia sanon

My name tag

My name tag seemed really simple the guidelines to follow were really easy all you had to do is follow guidelines, I did a red and purple and to finish it off i used a bold color to pop off the color in the back something i liked about making the name tag was he color contrast and getting to cut little pieces to shape out my name. something i could change about this is the way i did my letters i would probably have a more creative way for my letters.
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My grid drawling

Something i did when drawling this was i started out with the main because it

Sticky note

Something i liked when doing my sticky note was the pattern i did it was fun and exciting and through every row i could do something different something i want to change is probably my design more fuller with color more vibrant something i liked was being able to change my design through every line. when i was making my sticky not i felt to do a loose design and for it to be packed.
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