Grade 3 Newsletter Summer term

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Friday 8th May

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The virtue for the week is Perseverance.

Perseverance is being purposeful and steadfast. It is sticking to something, staying committed, no matter how long it takes or what obstacles appear to stop you. A good example is the story of the tortoise and the hare. Even though the tortoise was slower than the hare, he won the race because he persevered - he didn't let anything stop him or distract him. He kept on going.


In IPC this week we began to look at the history of flight and how forces work. Through reading simple sources, watching engaging video clips and working cooperatively, we have developed our knowledge and understanding of how forces work on objects.

Next week in IPC, we will begin to work on the scientific aspect of our unit. We will take a close look at the effect of gravity on falling objects and we will develop our skill of recording detailed observations and findings.

We also look forward to our expedition to the Da Vinci Exhibition which will extend our knowledge and understanding of the forces involved in flight and movement.


This week we have been extending our knowledge and understanding of time. We have explored different strategies to add and subtract different time intervals, as well solving time word problems using a time line.

Next week we will be starting a new unit, learning about angles. We will be exploring and measuring angles, understanding that an angle is a measure of turn. We will be measuring angles bigger and smaller than a right angle, as well as exploring patterns and relationships in shapes in terms of properties of shape and number of angles.

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Language Arts

In Language Arts this week, we have concentrated on character development in fiction and have spent more time familiarising ourselves with our set text, ‘The Lost Thing’. We have analysed one of the characters in the story and then started to created our own ‘Thing’ both pictorially and in written form. We are working towards writing a piece of fiction about that character.

Next week we are thinking about setting and how it can evoke an emotion in a story. We are going to compare and contrast the setting in ‘The Lost Thing’ with our own world and by the end of the week we will be have created a written description of our own imaginary setting, where our creature can live.

You might like to enjoy the movie at home too!

In spellings we have learned more about vowel suffixes and how the spelling of the root word changes when vowel suffix is added. Next week, we will be reviewing tricky rules from the past term.

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Home Learning

Maths homework to be allocated by the teacher.

IPC Homework next week will be a diary entry, which will enable students to reflect on their experience at the Da Vinci exhibit and workshop they attended early on in the week. An activity sheet will be provided by the teacher to guide pupils through the expectations of the reflection.

Dates for the diary

EPSG Lap-a-thon @ SJII School Field

Saturday 9th May 4-7pm

Excursion to Da Vinci Exhibition

3TCo and 3SGe, Monday 11th May

3CMu and 3KHa, Tuesday 12th May

Bring a Packed Lunch and wear PE kit!

Founders Day (Half Day) - 12.20 Finish

Friday 15th May (time TBC)

School Disco

Friday 22nd May

The Team

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