Life In The Goldfields

By Eilidh.S


There were lots of tools used in the goldfields. Some were used for shaft mining and some were used for Alluvial. A shovel, pick, cradle & pan were used for Alluvial and A pick, a cradle, a windlass & bucket were used for shaft mining.


Food was very scarce in the gold rush. The water in the goldfields was dirty and had to be boiled before you drank it.

Alluvial Mining

Alluvial mining was getting dirt from the river or ground and not digging in the ground to get gold. It was a lot cheaper than shaft mining. The tools needed were A pan, A shovel, A pick & a cradle.

Shaft Mining

Shaft mining was mining deep under the ground. It cost more than Alluvial mining. The tools you needed were a cradle, a pick, a windlass & a bucket

Bushrangers & thieves

In the gold rush if you found gold there was a very high chance that someone would steel it, so if you found gold you would have to keep it a secret and hide it, because there were no banks in the gold fields.

Bushrangers were people who came around to gold fields and stole peoples gold. They most commonly rode on horses. There were rewards given to people who found and reported a bushranger.