The Battle of Fort Fisher

By: Autumn Reavis


Wilmington, North Carolina

The first battle

The first Battle of Fort Fisher lasted from December 23 - 27, 1864 and was led by Major General Benjamin Butler. The union tried to capture the fort guarding Wilmington, N.C. This was the south's last major Atlantic port. This battle failed.

Second Battle

The second battle of Fort Fisher lasted from January 13 - 15 and was led by general Alfred Terry. On the third day some 9,000 yankee infantry commanded by Terry hit the beach and attacked Fort Fisher. The confederates could not repulse the attack.


The damage was heavy on both sides. The union suffered more than 900 union casualties and 380 navy casualties. The confederates suffered 500 killed or wounded and over 1,000 captured.

leaders and troops

The union leader during the first attack was Benjamin Butler. During the second attack it was Alfred Terry. The leaders of the confederates were W.H.C. Whiting and Braxton Bragg.

The union had 9000 troops.

The confederate had 1900 troops.


This battle was important because this was the confederacy's last connection to the trade with the outside world. This last connection was important to the confederacy's war effort. So the union launched an attack and cut off their supply.

whats next

The union occupied Wilmington and the war officially ended two months later.