Digital Teaching and Learning

September 23, 2020

Instructional Technology Office Hours

Office hours will remain 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. through Friday, September 25. Effective Tuesday, September 28, office hours will be 2:30 to 6:30 p.m. Access the full schedule on this calendar.

NEW Breakout Room Preview in Teams

Staff may use the Breakout room feature. For guidance, consult the How to use Teams new breakout room feature (PDF). Microsoft gave HCPS an early release of this feature, so users may experience inconsistencies, wait-time, or other glitches. Please send error reports to Microsoft Education Support: (when prompted, login with your organization 365 account, which is

No Need to Use ViewPure Links

With the incorporation of YouTube videos being linked in itslearning, YouTube videos are automatically stripped from the comments and playlist view of videos. There is no need to take the extra step of putting a video into ViewPure. In addition, because of HCPS filtering, students using HCPS devices may be blocked from ViewPure videos.

Teams Virtual Instruction

Teams and itslearning Events and Calendar

Directions for creating a Teams meeting for virtual instruction were provided in the Digital Teaching and Learning PD, Module 3, Topic 6. Some teachers have opted to place Meeting links for groups in the sticky text area of the Overview page, or as Notes that are part of daily Plan playlists.

  • At this time, it is NOT a recommended practice to create Teams Meeting links using the itslearning Calendar or Events.
  • Teachers SHOULD admit students as guests to a Teams meeting when students are having technical difficulties signing in and the teacher can be certain of the student’s identity.
  • Teams meeting links are recurring by default. The lobby set up keeps your meetings secure.

Teams Troubleshooting Tips

  • What if my students say they see a “green screen” from their computer?
  • What if my video/audio or student video/audio freezes or cuts out?

These problems could be caused by poor Wi-Fi connection. A suggested solution is to turn off outgoing video (integrated web-cam), or incoming video. Sometimes moving closer to a Wi-Fi router helps.

How Do I Leverage itslearning Assignment?

1. If you have set up the create copy for students to be able to edit a Word or PowerPoint document:

  • Create copy is browser based, making this assignment option one of the easiest methods for BOTH Chromebook and Windows users to have the SAME experience. (Text directions and Video directions)
  • Word and PowerPoint copies MUST BE in the docx or pptx versions to work.
  • Text boxes in Word documents DO NOT work. Insert tables instead.
  • PowerPoint copy does NOT include Draw or insert picture. Keep PowerPoint simple for student response.

2. Include deadline dates:

  • Dates ensure that STUDENTS see Assignments in the Tasks area of Overview. This helps keep assignments DUE in their view.

Big picture

  • Dates ensure that TEACHERS have documented deadlines. Be sure to UNCHECK “Close after deadline” so that students can still submit assignments, even if the due date has passed.

Big picture

  • With deadlines (and the Close after deadline being unchecked by Teacher) students with Overdue assignments will see Overdue items in Tasks:

Big picture

3. Students can revisit submitted items by clicking the Completed tab

Big picture

1.) Students see teacher feedback and can comment back.

2.) Students can open attached documents for review or saving elsewhere.

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Instructional Technology Updates and FAQ

The Instructional Technology Team has developed a resource of updates and answers to frequently asked questions. The 2020-2021 Instructional Technology Updates and FAQ document will continue to be updated throughout the 2020-2021 school year.


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