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End of the year items and staff updates

Hello Parents,

As the end of the school year approaches I wanted to take a minute and update you on changes with our staff as we move into summer and the 2016-2017 school year.

Leaving us:

Harriet Sweatt, Kindergarten, is retiring after working in education for 28 years! She plans to spend more time with her family and relax! Hosp is hosting a retirement reception for Mrs. Sweatt on June 1st at 3:00 in the Hosp Library. Mrs. Sweatt will still sub at Hosp in the coming years.

Megan Landphair, Kindergarten, is staying home to be a full time mom. She has already been pulled into the PTA Board for next year at her children's school. We are happy for Megan and her family!

Gina Bustamante, PE Aide, is going to be the PE Coach at Christie Elementary. We are thrilled for Gina and this exciting new opportunity! Gina has a passion for all things health related and there is no doubt that the students and staff at Christie could end up being the healthiest people in town.

Lexi Nelson, 2nd Grade, is going to be the new Instructional Coach at Bledsoe Elementary. Again, another wonderful opportunity for Lexi! Her knowledge of curriculum and instruction are unmatched.

Gaya Kumar, LIbrarian, is going to open Nelson Middle School. Gaya came from Hunt Middle School and that age group has a special place in her heart. We know that the students at Nelson will be well served by Gaya!


Kaitlin Skinner, 1st Grade, is moving to Kindergarten. Kaitlin was a late hire to 1st Grade and has a passion for younger students! We are excited for her.

Tracy Brown, PE Flex, will be sliding over to the PE Aide position.

New Faces:

Dawn Wertz, 3rd Grade, Dawn is joining us from Lewisville ISD. This former LISD teacher will bring her knowledge and experience to an already wonderful team!

Sydney Ross, 2nd Grade, graduated from Texas State last week! She was highly sought after by a number of FISD schools and we were lucky enough to have her choose Hosp!

Lisa Doan, Kindergarten, is a mom and recent graduate. She brings a great perspective and wealth of knowledge to our kinder team. Yes, there is a tie to our 2nd grade teacher Bethany Doan as well.

Thi Le (pronounced "T"), Librarian, is currently a teacher at Shawnee Trail Elementary in Frisco and is so eager and thrilled to begin this new chapter as our librarian.

Nichole Richard, 2nd Grade, many of you know Mrs. Richard as a Hosp parent but we were honored when she expressed interest in joining our team. Her wealth of experience in teaching and the perspective of being a Hosp parent as well will only make Hosp better!

We are also down to our finalists for one final first grade position. We will share that person's information when we make the decision.

If you are keeping score at home we have hired two additional staff and that is because we are projected to be larger than we currently are. At some point next year we could reach 800 students. Wow!

Again, we are thrilled about all the staff moves. Mrs. Sweatt is going to enjoy her retirement and family. Mrs. Landphair is choosing to focus on her children full time. Mrs. Bustamante, Mrs. Nelson, and Mrs. Kumar are reaching goals they have worked long and hard to achieve! While it is very difficult to see them go (I will neither confirm or deny that I might have had a few tears with each of them) we are very happy for them.

On the other side of that coin we are so excited about the new staff joining us. For them this is also a dream being realized. I honestly feel we have selected the best applicants for each position and we spent many hours searching for these talented individuals. I think as you meet them you will feel the same way.

Our 2016-2017 Grade Level Roster is as follows with new teachers in bold:


Mrs. Hahn

Mrs. Compton (See below)

Mrs. O'Rear

Ms. Skinner

Mrs. Butterfield

Mrs. L. Doan

First Grade:

Ms. Weinke

Ms. Youngblood (Look for a new last name this fall!)

Mrs. Butler

Mrs. Grisham

Mrs. Bryant

Second Grade:

Mrs. McMillan

Mrs. B. Doan

Mrs. Bedell

Mrs. Waggoner

Ms. Mansell

Ms. Ross

Mrs. Richard

Third Grade

Mrs. Delehanty

Mrs. Bledsoe

Mrs. Parkey

Ms. Cole

Mrs. Frewin

Mrs. Wertz

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Turner

Mrs. Damm

Mrs. Gilmour

Mrs. Garcia

Mrs. Blackwell

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Campos

Mrs. Tamney

Mr. Crawford

Mrs. Chung


Thi Le


Coach Morgan

Coach Brown

Mrs. Ford (Music)

Mrs. London (Art)

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Congratulations are in order!

Our own Ms. Bustamante was married over the weekend here in Frisco. We are so happy for her and her husband. So you may see a different name next year but it is still our wonderful Alyssa with the new last name of Compton. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Compton!
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