Friday Fax

January 15, 2016-Next Week is Week 20 on the Curriculum Map


Jerry Lee Lewis - Great Balls Of Fire by fabiogrando


Jan 18-Collaboration-Grade 5 meet with Dave in Conference Room-Bring your data for the year

Jan 19--Guests visiting from South Central--Will be looking at technology

Jan 21-PD-ENHS-3:30--Standards Based Grading

Jan 20--ISTEP Stress test...All will log in at 10:00--IT WILL BE CRITICAL TO READ THE INSTRUCTIONS PRIOR TO THE TEST!!!!!

Jan 29-CC Convo-1:45

Feb 6th Avilla Staff Night with Komet Hockey--Details to follow

Feb 9-PTO Skating Party

Feb 11-PD-ENHS-Writers Workshop and 6+1

Feb 18-PD-ENHS-3:30-Standards Based Grading

Feb 23-PT Conferences

March 6-9 NCA Visitors...

March 10-PD-ENHS-Tips on Reading A-Z

March 17-PD-ENHS-Standards Based Grading


1. Experience ISTEP – This site will allow student to practice with the tools that they will use on the online Part 2 test. All students will be online in April. Please remember that there are only 10 instructional days between Part 1 and Part 2 since Spring Break is in the middle so giving student many opporunties to practice needs to start in January.

Have students go to the Practice Test link on the sign in box to practice. This site is not currently working in Chrome so try another browser if you can’t get in.

2. Go to your grade level ISTEP help pages on the DOE website. Please carefully review the Academic Vocabulary that needs to be explicitly taught to students, the guidance on graph paper, and the math formula pages. Do your students have the formula sheets in front of them for class work and homework? Are you using the correct graph paper? Grades 3-8 should also closely exam the Performance Level Descriptors. The DOE is essentially telling you the skills that students who pass the test need to be able to accomplish.

In grades 3-8, the DOE has also released some items from last year’s test that you can use as example problems with students.

3-8 -

10 -

We are be given a road map, so please use it. Don’t be the person who thinks they can find their way without the map and then has to stop at the gas station later. There are no gas stations for next 1.5 months!

Safety First!

This is from the Avilla Crisis Prevention Plan. If you happen to see someone that you don’t recognize that doesn’t have a visitor’s sticker, don’t hesitate to ask them if they have signed in at the office. If they refuse or are argumentative then the following should be implemented:

Visitors Who Fail to Comply with School Procedures:

· Should be verbally informed that they are in violation of school policy.

(Example – “Sir, you must report to the office immediately. If you fail to do so you will be considered a trespasser, and law enforcement officials will be called.”)

· Should the above fail, send someone, or use the phone to notify the office of the situation.

· If no response to verbal directions, make a call to the office. Do not escalate the situation.

· Notify police (911). Provide the police with as much information as possible: (1) A description of the intruder. (2) How the intruder is dressed. (3) The type and description of the vehicle, if known.

· Office will activate a building-wide notification plan concerning the intruder using a predetermined code phrase over the public address system.

“Teachers please secure your classroom.”

· Classroom doors should be closed and locked.

· Students should remain in current areas regardless of tones (bells) or scheduled class changes until further notified.