OLCC,P Kids Preschool

September 19, 2016

Our Lesson: The Seven Days of Creation

Our preschoolers were very excited to help tell the story of the 7 Days of Creation using a flannel board. They took turns putting up all the things that God created. They learned what God did on each of the 7 days and then helped say "It was good!"

To follow up, they joined together to make creation books. These wonderful "sticky books" are hanging on the "Our Work" board in the preschool classroom. Sticky book pages are made be placing items on 1 square of contact paper then backing it with another piece of contact paper or construction paper.

You'll also find a couple of the "refrigerator gardens" that we made. Hopefully your child is watching their garden of beans grow at home too!

Family Night at OLCC,P

Sunday, Sep. 25th, 6-7:30pm

5171 Commerce Road

West Bloomfield Township, MI

Join us every 2nd and 4th Sunday evening for a line-up of events for the whole family. It's playtime for the nursery and preschool kids in rooms 107 and 109. For elementary kids, we'll be playing some games, doing some crafts and having lots of fun in Fellowship Hall. Middle and high school students will start out in the youth room for a Bible Study and Game night. And for the grownups, some much needed peace and quiet. And, some interesting classes and adult conversation! Join us!

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OLCC,P Kids Preschoolers

Our goal is to teach children how to live a Christian life in a fun, creative way based on Biblical principals and the example that Jesus gave us.