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Testing Windows for 2016-2017

*Fall Window has been extended to October 31, 2016
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2016-2017 FAST and aReading Benchmark Scores

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IGDI Cut Scores (PreSchool)

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Having trouble finding students?

If the Iowa Tier site is not fully loaded before clicking on Universal Screening, Progress Monitoring, or Interventions: Enter Time, all of your students may not show up. To avoid this, don't click on anything until the site is loaded fully, like the picture on the right down below shows.

Click on the "Iowa TIER Status" Google Site below to check out current functionality of Iowa Tier.

How to "Enter Time" for Interventions

How to "Enter Time" for Interventions in Iowa Tier

Understanding Literacy Status Designation (from Iowa Tier Support)

The Iowa TIER system automatically calculates the literacy status designation for students, for both FAST assessments and Non-FAST uploaded screening data. The system uses the prior literacy status designation and the current default assessment result (if complete and administered within the window). You can find the literacy status indicators in the literacy status report. Literacy status is no longer calculated locally. The report is the official record for student literacy status indicators.

Individual students may have the default assessment overridden by another approved measure when appropriate. Only assessments completed within the screening window are valid to be used for literacy status designation. Below is a visual to help understand how the system makes determinations.

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