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February 8-12, 2016

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Here's What We Are Learning

Reading Workshop

This week during reading workshop we worked on understanding the types of questions that we are asked to answer after reading. We looked at QAR ( questions-answer response) strategies so we know how to answer the questions. We will continue to work on this next week too. In addition to this, we read several different fables and explored the moral to these.

Writing Workshop

During writing this week we finished our informational writing and began to turn these into documentaries. Since we have already done the research and wrote about our topic, we are focusing on sharing our knowledge using video. This week we wrote our intro scripts and taped them. Within these, we made sure we included our opinion and why this is interesting to us.
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Math Workshop

During our math workshop this week we focused on place value and money. Since we were beginning our Empty Bowls project and had several conversations why we think people are hungry, we decided to see just how much it does cost to make one meal. We went on a virtual shopping trip to buy the ingredients for our favorite meal. Students were really surprised by how much is cost to make some of their favorite meals. Ask them how much it cost to make their favorite meals. Once we found out how much each of our favorite meals cost, we then planned meals for an entire week. We were really surprised how much groceries for a week cost. This led us to the conversation about why some people are undernourished. We had some great conversations about this.

Welcome to the Love Lab: All for the love of science!

On Friday we enjoyed visiting the Love Lab with our Kindergarten buddies. We tested what happened with different items got together. Do they "Love" each other or not. Ask to see our lab reports for the results of these science experiments.

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