The Holocaust


The Treaty of Versiaisles

The Treaty of Versailles also known as "The Treaty of Peace" was a document that was made at the end of World War I. This document declared that Germany was to pay back all of the debt to the people who formed the Entente Powers. In total this was about 442 US dollars. These reparations were eventually after World War II. With many postponements along the way, and that is why this debt was payed back so late. This mainly started a chain reaction that eventually led to the Holocaust. Germany was in major debt and Hitler came in saying that he could improve the status of Germany.

What Gave Hitler Power

The Night of The Long Knives

Hitler started resenting his political parties and "convinced" (forced) them to die.

This brought in an overthrow of the government which brought the Nazi party into power.

There was more than this that gave power to Hitler he also passed an act; "The Enabling Act" which stated that the government could pass laws without approval of the parliament. This act almost gave full power to Hitler. We say almost because of the fact that there could still be multiple political parties in Germany so on July 14 1933 Hitler declared the Nazi party as the only legal party, which gave full power to Adolf Hitler.

This showed how Hitler had fully taken dominance in Germany and how he had declared that he was the political party leader of the Nazis.

Actions Hitler Took

After gaining full power in Germany Hitler started applying his actions with beliefs. On March 22, 1933 Hitler declared the first Concentration Camp. This camp was located outside of the town of Dachau near South Germany. People know that this is wrong and protest; on March 27 1933 55,000 people formed an anti-Nazi protest, and boycotted German Goods. On April 7 the same year Hitler declared that all Jews would not be able to be in the practice of law (so they basically could not make any laws). 4 days later he also put strict restrictions on who could apply for jobs.


In conclusion Hitler promised things that he may have or may have not done, but undoubtedly did them the wrong way. Though this was just the beginning for what Hitler had planned, and their was much more to come. In the following years. This was just what triggered the Holocaust.


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