Weekly Launch

March 26-30


As we get closer to the end of the year, please see the attachments below for the professional development activities you have been working on this year to support your goal. I have also attached the observation sheet you can use on a previous observation or an upcoming one. We will be talking about this during your summatives.

Spring fever has hit! Please make sure you are keeping a very close eye on students at all times(recess, hallway, classroom, etc). You may need to amp up your parent communication also about behaviors.

We have two weeks until our first round of STAAR and our NSOC visit. It is hard to believe how quickly time is moving right now!

Thank you for participating in the egg activity. I know you all have enjoyed getting the slips in your box! I have even heard tears were involved with some :0) Please feel free to do more. We still have some people on the list who haven't received an egg yet.

If you haven't noticed, there is a Teacher Talk on the bulletin board in the workroom. Be sure to check it weekly because it will change. I love reading them!

Important Dates

March 26-Teacher Self-Report opens

C4-3rd grade

March 27-1st math collaboration esc

CIIC meeting

C4-3rd grade

Freddy's Spirit Night

March 28-Telpas Collaboration

C4-1st grade

March 29- wear character shirt

2nd egg drop

Kinder Egg Hunt

March 30-No school

Character Corner

Word of the week-Attentiveness

Word of the month-Fairness

Morning Announcements-Radler

Big picture

Word of the Week-Common

Compliment Corner

Compliment is for Pamela Baggett for organizing and creating the awesome activities for our action group on Fit night. You were so sweet to do it ALL....and with a smile, of course!-Nancy Kramer

Compliment for Nicole Janese and Marti Chandler-They always include me in their Jason's lunch order-Jen Murray

Compliment is for Diane Schillaci- she kindly completed testing on my students. I know it couldn't be easy adding this to her already full schedule-Mary Serbantez

Compliment for Thea Raj-She always smiles when I come in her classroom and she immediately transitions into us coteaching together. She later applies what we've learned so her students are successful! I love working with her-Sandy Varner

Compliment for Jean Neyland- She helped me find resources to make our own Breakout Box for Mardi Gras. She's great at giving us new ideas!-Nicole Janese

Compliment for Sandy Varner-She is always, always, always bringing the BEST out of us! Our BEST CHEERLEADER!-Debbie Joiner

Compliment for Terri May-Thank you for pulling many non fiction books for my students during the book fair. You did a great job choosing leveled books for my students. You also delivered them.-Nancy Kramer