The Upgraded Netstart

Changes to our staff webpages

Go to the Staff and Faculty Page and click on the NetStart Teacher Login link

Enter your school username and password.
Upon successful login, you will be directed to the Project Manager.

The Project Manager

Here you can
  • Edit web pages
  • Preview web pages
  • Password-protect web pages
  • Remove web pages
  • Add additional web pages
  • Manage your navigation menu
  • Modify your account settings
  • Upload files to your File Manager

The File Manager

With the File Manager, you can upload documents and images to link to your web pages. You can highlight a folder and add new folders and sub folders; organizing files just as you would on a desk-top or laptop.
It is usually best to keep folder names short and without spaces.

Creating Additional Pages

When adding a new web page, you have basic page types which may include:
  • Content page
  • Photo gallery
  • Blog
  • Form page
  • Calendar

Click on Add Pages to My Site in the top menu bar

Select the type of page you wish to add, type in a page name, and click Apply.
To edit a web page, click on the Edit icon, or click directly on the page name.
Make sure to choose the Section Layout that you would like your page to utilize.
You may copy and paste your Grading Policy, and Classroom Management Plan into the content area from your Word Document.
Content Areas
From the Content Editor click on "Add/Remove"
Select a Content Area Position and a number of Content Areas to add, then click "Apply"
When using multiple Content Areas, you can move between them by using the Content Are dropdown, located just beneath the Layout icon in the upper left of the Content Editor.
Also , you can decide how much white space to have between Content Areas by using the pixel box located in the lower right of the Content Editor. Usually between 20 and 50 is good.
When you are finished, make sure to save and preview. The preview will always open in a new browser window, so when you have finished previewing , you may close that window.
To navigate back to your Project Manager click on the Project Manager in the upper left hand corner of the page.

Embedding Links

To embed a link using the ezEditor, highlight the anchor text and click the Hyperlink icon.
Type a URL in the field, or click "Browse" to link to a file or image in the File Manager.
You may also select to open the content in a new window or existing window.


To insert an image on your web page, click on the "image Manager". If your image is already in the images folder, double click on the file name and the image will be placed on your web page.
To upload a new file, click on "upload" and browse to find your image. You can upload multiple images at a time by holding the shift key.
To resize your image, click on the file name and click on "Image Editor". Here you can resize, flip, rotate, and add text to your image.
When you are finished, click "save".