Gene Therapy

By Chris and Ethan

Gene therapy is a technique that uses genes to treat or prevent disease

Gene therapy is the use of nucleic acid, which it works as a kind of drug to treat deceases. You can also use gene therapy to fix genetic mutations. New genes are put into cells to make a functional protein.

Good and Bad

Gene therapy could be very good or bad. This helps to get rid of deceases in the body, but sometimes it doesn't work. Its very hard to put genes into cells of people's bodies and keep them working. They cant put genes into the wrong cells or the patient would be in trouble. If it goes into the wrong cells, patients could a lot of health problems. Jesse Gelsinger died in 1999 because of gene therapy and made a lot of people question.

Jobs For Gene Therapy

  • molecular biology
  • immunology
  • biotechnology sciences
  • genetics
  • neuroscience