The phases of the moon

By Indiana Albers

What difference between quarters

Well the difference between the first and third quarter moon phases Is that the first quarter is a waxing phase and the third quarter is a waning phase. Now you may be wondering what waxing and waning mean. A waxing phase is a phase that leads up to a full moon. These are the phases that look like their gaining light. Waning phases are the phase that occur after the full moon and before a new moon. These are the phases that look like their losing light.
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What does the moon look like from the Iss

Well on the Iss the moon always has one side lit and one side is dark unlike on earth where it looks like the moon is always having it's light changing.

why does the moon wax and wane

the moon waxes and wanes becuase of it's position relative to the earth and sun. When the moon is at it's closets to the sun we get a full moon.