The best Architect

By: Sahara Torres Rivera

What is needed to be one

The kind of degree that I need is the bachelors degree

I will do whatever it takes to get and do the job I am willing to do

I also need to complete the professional degree in architect to be one

I also have to complete the architect registration examination

What is the cluster

The cluster of this job is graphic designing

Work Environment

Where you work is in a beautiful office indoors

What you have to wear are suits to look mature

You don't work in groups u work alone

Sometimes you will meet with clients and consult with workers

why do i want it as a job

I want this job because I have an opportunity to make a good amount of money and have a good living.

How much do i make a year

I win 98,000 a year and that Is a good amount for me to win

what do i make per hour

I make 36.56 dollars an hour

What are the growth opportunities

The growth opportunities are 5% that is a bit low

What are the responsibilities of a Architect


~Think of a building style,safety, and sustainability

: )

Do i still like it

Yes because it seems much more interesting