Tiger Talk


Our Words

Words are POWERFUL! In their own right they can mean one thing--or sometimes more than one thing, but coming from us as teachers and school support professionals, they can also take on different meaning. HOW we say our message and its received intent is as important as WHAT we say. When we talk to students what is our focus? How is the purpose of the message received by the student?

Peter Johnston has researched language and the ways in which WHAT we say and HOW we say impacts student learning. I have attached a link to his language matrix below. Note that the matrix focuses on the purpose of our words--what we hope to accomplish with students when we engage verbally with them.

Teacher Leader Feature: Emily Tower

Emily has embraced Engineering Week by planning with her teammates. She has also intentionally sought out real-world connections through arranging for several professional engineers from many different disciplines (civil, electrical, mechanical....) to attend our Engineering Showcase on Thursday. These professionals are excited to be available in the lobby for ALL of our students and parents to engage students and answer questions about what they do in their work. Thanks, Emily for expanding the experience to the real world not only your students, but all of our Southside Tigers.

Staff Meeting: ELA Instruction

Thank you for your focus and intentional discussion last week to define our instruction/strategies and time allocations for ELA tiered instruction. This WEDNESDAY, April 23, Susan Robertson will rejoin our staff to bring the summary of our Tiered ELA instruction discussion from last week. This draft document will be a starting point of defining our current instruction and assisting us in redefining our Core ELA instruction as well as what will be our protocol when students require additional, prescriptive instruction. This work is exciting in the power it will have to increase our effectiveness in developing readers and writers!

Key Fob Update

If your key fob comes up missing, please report that to Terie Eilers ASAP. Your key fob can be deactivated immediately so that it will not allow access to the building. Each fob is programmed individually for the employee. Thanks for your attention to this safety measure.

This Week at Southside

Engineering Week at Southside

Due to ITeams and Engineering preparations, we will not have formal Data Teams this week on Thursday.

Monday, April 20

Beth Cathcart out for FRC Conference

MSD/EBD classes at Crooked Creek

8:00 SSE Admin Team Meeting (Conference Room)

Planning: I-TEAM for 5th, 2nd, K, 1st

2:45 Tiger Trails and Boys Boot Camp

4:00 LMS Session: Schoology (Blair Learning Center)

6:00 Kindergarten Parent Academy--Final Meeting/Graduation

Tuesday, April 21

Krista Mornar OUT AM for AP meeting

2:45 Lighthouse Team Meeting (Santina's Office)

5-7:00 Kindergarten Registration

Wednesday, April 22

Secretary's Day!

Earth Day!

Planning: I-TEAM for 4th, 3rd

2:45 Staff Meeting: ELA Follow Up with Susan Robertson (ABRI)

Thursday, April 23

2:45 ECE Data Team

6-7:00 K-5 Engineering Showcase

Friday, April 24

7:40 Morning Meeting: Volunteer Appreciation Day!

8:00 Proficiency Under Construction Grades 3, 4, and 5


April 27 Learning Management System Session #2-Edmodo (4:00 @ Blair)

April 28 Staff Meeting-Manditory KPREP Special Population/Admin Code Training for ALL certified staff members and SBDM Teacher election

Born Learning Graduation (5:00 @ SSE)

April 29 ABRI Team Meeting (3:00)

SSE School Wellness Team (3:00)

Learning Management System Session #3-Blackboard Engage (4:00)

May 1 2014-15 Program Review DUE in ASSIST

May 5 PTO Election/SBDM Parent Election

Covey Coaching Call w/Lighthouse Team (4:00)

May 11-15 KPREP Window for Grades 3, 4, and 5

May 19 Election Day--No School

May 21 3rd Grade Art with Heart Community Event (6:00)

May 22 3rd Grade Art with Heart School Showcase (Media Center)

May 25 Memorial Day--No School

May 26 SSE Field Day

May 27 Perfect Attendance Lunch

5th Grade Public Library Presentation (1:00-Gym)

K-4 Public Library Presentation (1:30-Gym)

May 28 5th Grade Graduation (Centenary Methodist Church)

May 29 SSE Awards Day (Gym)

Final Day for Students

June 1 Closing Day

June 2-5 Professional Learning Days (Details to come)