The Elements of the Earths Crust!

By: Peyton & Baylee

What are the three main elements in the Earths Crust?

The three main elements in the Earths lithosphere/crust are Oxygen, Silicon, and Aluminum. Together these Elements make up 83% of the crust. Oxygen has 47% Silicon makes up 28% and Aluminum makes up 8%. When all added together it is 83% of the lithosphere/crust and the 17% is other elements. What is Oxygen? Oxygen is the most abundant in the Earths crust. Silicon is very shinny and is the second most abundant in the lithosphere/crust. Aluminum is also shinny but it is the least abundant in the crust. We have decided that the three most common Elemt in the lithosphere/crust are Oxygen, Silicon, And Aluminum.