award of donation and inspiration

This award goes to Bill Gates.


This award is rewarded to people who inspire hundreds of thousands of people.
it is also given to the people who set aside Millions of dollars to charity! Bill Gates has exceeded the limits and made a second company called the Bill And Malinda Gates Foundation. he has not only made a computer company, and made Billions, but he also Donated over millions of dollars.

The bounus of the award.

this person who also not only donated money to charity, also made lots of accomplishments over computing! Bill gates Also made computers in a company called Microsoft. this person is one of the first people to win the extra part of the award.


  • Made a successful creating a computer company called Microsoft.
  • Created a company for donations.
  • been successful at a computer company at the age of 13.
  • Donated over 100$ million.


This person inspired so many people around the globe to work hard. and that anyone can compute!