Thursday's Thoughts

April 6, 2017

Spring Break

We made it! Spring break has finally arrived and just in the nick of time. We all deserve a much needed break from school. My hope is that you spend the entire week and the following Monday resting and doing things that make your heart smile. :-) Enjoy every single minute!


Testing Dates

For teachers in grades 3-5, please check the testing schedule that Mrs. D has shared with you and communicate to parents the exact days that their child is testing. I let parents know today about the large testing window, but they need to know the exact days that their child will test. Please talk with your classes about the importance of good attendance with no early dismissals. I shared with parents today that our students should be at school every day unless they are really sick and on time each day. Please help us by encouraging good attendance. We will be testing until the end of May and hope to not have a lot of make-ups due to absences.

Testing Violations

The State Department has let our district office know that they will be in our district for testing due to the fact that we are a district that is testing all grades online. Jennifer shared with you everything you need to know in order to keep our school free from testing violations. Make sure you are moving around the lab when your class is testing or if you are monitoring. Do not take your cell phone into the lab when your students are testing or when you are monitoring for any reason! This is the quickest way to get a testing violation. Make sure that your students are quiet at all times outside of both computer labs for the remainder of the year. We want to provide the best testing environment possible for our students.

Cell Phones

While we live in a time where we keep our cell phones close, please be mindful of staying on them throughout the day. We don't want to send a message to our kids that we are staying on our phones during down times of the day. We all keep our phones close, but make sure students don't see you spending time on them during recess, lunch, and in the hallways unless you have an emergency situation. Thank you!


Remember to complete the teacher online survey on the SCDE website before leaving tomorrow.


Please make sure you put all chairs on top of your desks/tables, wipe down your desk/tables with clorox wipes, tidy up your rooms, and leave your classroom doors open before leaving tomorrow. Please plan to leave as soon as you are free from supervising students tomorrow afternoon. :-)

Upcoming Dates:

April 18th: Faculty Meeting- Make plans to attend.

April 18th: 3rd grade field test

April 19th: Battle of the Books district competition

April 19th: 4th grade field test

April 20th: 5th grade field test

April 20th: Middle School staff to visit 5th grade during related

April 21st: 5th grade Olympics

April 21st: 4th grade field test

April 21st: Chorus to Carowinds

Reading during Spring Break

Please check to make sure every student has a book in their bookbags to read during spring break. Please encourage them to spend at least 20 minutes each day reading. Don't forget! :-)

Related Arts During Testing

Beginning tomorrow, students will not be able to go to computer lab for their related arts time. Please take your students to the library at your regularly scheduled computer lab time until the end of May. Katie will follow Donna's schedule. There will be a few days we will need to make adjustments when Katie has to monitor testing or has the bookfair, so we will let you know what to do on those days. 5th, 4th, and 3rd grade classes that go to lab tomorrow should report to the lobby at your related arts time. I will have those classes tomorrow since Katie already had plans for the library. If you have questions, please let me know.

Add to your Newsletters....

Williamston Church of Christ will be serving free hot lunches the second Saturday of each month starting May 13th from 11:30-1:30.